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A complete solution to washroom & toilet room problems with conventional urinal blocks, urinal screens, bleaches, disinfectants & descalers such as Acid Wash & STC Toilet cleaner, or with Biological Cleaners such as Blu-away, Biological sachets, Urinal screens with biological block & Urinal Toss Blocks. 

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P Wave Urinal Airfreshening Screen

P Wave Urinal Airfreshening Screen£3.50

Freshens urinals for up to 30 days

Pine Disinfectant 5L

Pine Disinfectant 5L£3.28


Plush Pink Hand Soap 5lt

Plush Pink Hand Soap 5lt£6.68

For use with or without water

Buy 2 get 1 free
SCALEit Cleaner & Descaler 5Lt

SCALEit Cleaner & Descaler 5Lt£9.90

Contains sulphamic & citric acids

Buy 3 save 15%
Shades Gel Airfresheners Pk12

Shades Gel Airfresheners Pk12£10.68

2 in 1 airfreshener

Stainless Steel Cleaner Dazzle 750ml

Stainless Steel Cleaner Dazzle 750ml£3.93

Leaves a lasting shine

Thick Bleach 5L

Thick Bleach 5L£4.10

1% Sodium Hydroxide

Toilet Cleaner Descaler 1L

Toilet Cleaner Descaler 1L£1.35

Toilet cleaner descaler 1Ltr

Buy 2 get 1 free
Toilet Cleaner STC 1Lt

Toilet Cleaner STC 1Lt£2.83

Concentrated liquid

Buy 2 get 1 free
Toilet Cleaner STC 5Lt

Toilet Cleaner STC 5Lt£9.35

Removes Limescale

UB30 Toilet & Washroom Cleaner 2L

UB30 Toilet & Washroom Cleaner 2L£7.13

Ultra Dose Concentrate

UB80 Glass Cleaner 2L

UB80 Glass Cleaner 2L£8.91

Ultra Dose Concentrate

Vileda Ultraspeed MicroLite Mop Pad

Vileda Ultraspeed MicroLite Mop Pad£8.21

Vileda MicroLite Mop Pad

New Item
Vileda UltraSpeed Mop Bucket Starter Kit

Vileda UltraSpeed Mop Bucket Starter Kit£69.15

UltraSpeed Starter Kit

New Item
Vileda Ultraspeed SafeMop Pad

Vileda Ultraspeed SafeMop Pad£11.30

Vileda UltraSpeed SafeMop Pad

Vileda UltraSpeed telescopic handle

Vileda UltraSpeed telescopic handle£20.06

Vileda UltraSpeed Telescopic Handle

Washroom Cleaner Apeal 5Lt

Washroom Cleaner Apeal 5Lt£7.44

4 in 1 cleaner

Buy 2 get 1 free
Washroom Cleaner Apeal 750ml

Washroom Cleaner Apeal 750ml£3.06

4 in 1 cleaner

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Page 2 of 2:    48 Items