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Ultra Dose

Convenient and cost effective chemical dosing

Ultra Dose System

* Colour Coded Board

* Durable dosing pumps with long reach necks

* From as little as 14 pence per litre

* Stainless Steel chemical resistant wall bracket

* Trigger bottles & labels to easily identify diluted products.



Simple Training
Guaranteed with colour coded labels and System board. Eliminates any potential language barriers

Rationalise Product Range
There are eight versatile Ultra Dose chemicals to choose from.

COSHH is built in
Minimising time spent on managing hazards and incidents. Controlled dosage method ensures safety to users.

Control spending Economical dilution rates ensure supplies last longer, on average a 2 litre concentrate will dilute to 100 trigger sprays.

Control waste and reuse packaging
Compared to R-T-U products there is less plastic waste and the Ultra Dose System encourages the reuse of bottles and triggers. Ultra Dose is a cleaning system that has less impact on the environment.

Products Available -

UB10 Degreaser -  Dilutes to give  66 x 750ml trigger sprays and 40 x 5lt buckets.
A powerful degreaser containing specialist detergents and water-soluble solvents.

UB20 Sanitiser Dilutes to give 200 x 750ml trigger sprays and 66 x 5lt buckets.UB Products
A  neutral, odourless sanitiser that kills 99.999% of bacteria at a 0.5% dilution. Effective against MRSA. UB20 is non-tainting and ideal for use in food areas.

UB30 Toilet/Washroom Cleaner - Dilutes to give 100 x 750ml trigger sprays and 33 x 5lt buckets.
An effective cleaner that combats bacteria, water scale and dirt, leaving a pleasant apple fragrance.

UB40 Washing Up Liquid - Dilutes to give 200 sinks
A concentrated detergent for washing up by hand, UB40 contains an advanced blend of cleaning agents.

UB50 Multi Surface Cleaner - Dilutes to give 66 x 750ml trigger sprays and 40 x 5lt buckets.
Is a pleasantly fragranced, multi functional cleaning solution that is suitable for use on all water washable surface

UB60 Floor Maintainer - Dilutes to give 100 x 750ml trigger sprays and 33 x 5lt buckets.
Used regularly, UB60 builds gloss on floors and leaves a fresh, spicy fragrance.

UB70 Air Conditioner - Dilutes to give 100 x 750ml trigger sprays.UB Products
Contains a universally acceptable, oriental spice perfume in a slow release water-soluble carrier for long lasting results.

UB80 Glass Cleaner - Dilutes to give 28 x 750ml trigger sprays.
Ideal for the daily cleaning of glass, mirrors & plastics, UB80 contains specialist detergents designed to liquefy dirt on contact.

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