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 Chemicals for all aspects of kitchen cleaning including Dishwash Liquids & Powders, Auto & Machine Dishwash, Crockery de-stainers, Rinse Aid & Salt Granules, Washing up Liquids, Oven Cleaner along with Descalers & Cleaners such as Citra Clean, Virosol & UBIK

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Household gloves deal small

Household gloves deal small£0.38

Small yellow only

Janitol Plus 5lt x 4

Janitol Plus 5lt x 4£79.78

Heavy duty surface degreaser

Machine Dishwash 5lt

Machine Dishwash 5lt£11.99

Concentrated Detergent

MP10 Multi-surface Cleaner 5lt

MP10 Multi-surface Cleaner 5lt£5.75

Highly effective alkaline cleaner

Nicky kitchen roll 3ply pk15

Nicky kitchen roll 3ply pk15£7.55

Nicky Elite Kitchen Roll 3ply pk15

Ouncematic pump

Ouncematic pump£2.25

Ouncematic white pump dispenser

Buy 10 save 15%
Pedal Bin Liners Pk 100

Pedal Bin Liners Pk 100£1.10

11" x 17" x 17"

Pine Disinfectant 5L

Pine Disinfectant 5L£3.28


Plasters Blue Box 100 Assorted

Plasters Blue Box 100 Assorted£6.41

For food areas

Polythene Disposable Gloves Pk1000

Polythene Disposable Gloves Pk1000£10.00

Ideal for lightweight use

Probe Wipes Tub 200

Probe Wipes Tub 200£8.22

Effective against E-coli

Rinse Aid 5L

Rinse Aid 5L£10.50

Prevents streaking & spotting

Salt Granules 25kg

Salt Granules 25kg£15.75

Dishwasher salt

Buy 2 get 1 free
Sanitiser Cleaner Trak 5L - Pack 2

Sanitiser Cleaner Trak 5L - Pack 2£24.00   £17.00

Cleaner & Destainer

Savol Beerline Cleaner 5lt

Savol Beerline Cleaner 5lt£9.05

Contains disinfectant

Buy 2 get 1 free
Serving Gloves Pk12 pairs

Serving Gloves Pk12 pairs£12.22

Fine White

Spray Bottle & Trigger 600ml

Spray Bottle & Trigger 600ml£2.13

Bottle complete with spray trigger head

Stainless Steel Cleaner Dazzle 750ml

Stainless Steel Cleaner Dazzle 750ml£3.75

Leaves a lasting shine

Stockinette Dish Cloth large pk10

Stockinette Dish Cloth large pk10£3.20

Stockinette dishcloth large white pk10

Stockinette Dish cloths white pk10

Stockinette Dish cloths white pk10£2.30

Stockinette Dish cloths white pk10

Stockinette Dishcloth Striped pk10

Stockinette Dishcloth Striped pk10£2.55

Stockinette dishcloth striped pk10

Buy 2 get 1 free
Swing Bin Liners Pk 100

Swing Bin Liners Pk 100£2.99

13" x 23" x 28" - 6 micron

Thick Bleach 5L

Thick Bleach 5L£4.10

1% Sodium Hydroxide

UB20 Sanitiser 2L

UB20 Sanitiser 2L£8.10

Ultra Dose Concentrate

UB50 Multi-Surface Cleaner 2L

UB50 Multi-Surface Cleaner 2L£8.70

Ultra Dose Concentrate

UB60 Floor Maintainer 2L

UB60 Floor Maintainer 2L£8.95

Ultra Dose Concentrate

New Item
Washing Up Liquid 5L

Washing Up Liquid 5L£4.10

Washing up liquid 5L

Washing Up Liquid Dish Bac 1Lt

Washing Up Liquid Dish Bac 1Lt£1.75

Odourless & bactericidal

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Page 2 of 3:    57 Items