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Toilet Roll Dispensers
Revolution Toilet Roll Dispensers- High capacity 3-roll holding toilet tissue dispenser
- Complete roll usage system reduces waste & manpower
- Carousel mechanism delivers continuous supply so no run-out
- Toilet rolls are kept locked, protected secure & hygienic.
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Dubl-Serv Side by Side Bay West Dubl Side by Side
- Clever compact 2-roll holding dispenser
- Ideal for lower traffic areas or where cubicle space is limited
- Reduces refill visits, only releases a new roll once old one is finished
- Reloading is quick & easy & the dispenser is easy to use
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Dubl-Serv Vertical

- Perfect for settings where space is a considerationDubl-Serve Vertical
- 2-roll high capacity reduces continuous service visits
- Reduces waste, roll must be fully used before new roll is accessible
- Translucent dispenser means refill requirements seen at-a-glance.

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Hands Free Roll Towel DispensersHands free towel dispensers

- Controlled usage dispenser delivering pre-measured towel
- Reduces over-use & wastage
- High capacity dispensr with stub-roll transfer mechanism
- User has limited contact with anything other than their towel.
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Wave'n Dry Roll Towel Dispenser

Wave n'dry hand towel dispenser- Totally touch-free dispensing
- Towel is stored fully protected
- Simple to operate by passing hand or arm underneath the infra-red sensor
- Measured dispensing reduces paper consumption & cost.
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Accent DispenserBay West Accent Dispensers

- Compact system ideal for areas where is limited
- Smaller diameter roll which is delivered in pre-measured sheets
- Slightly exposed towel allows hands free dispensing
- Ideal substitute for traditional more costly, less efficient towels.
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Hybrid Dispenser
- Unique design, electronic, handsfree and manual dispensing in oneHybrid Dispensers
- Controlled issue of towil reduces paper use and minimises waste
- High capacity dispenser reduces service costs
- Delivers unfolded towel for a more effective dry.
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Micro Folded Hand Towel Dispenser

- Ideal for settings where space is a considerationMicro folded hand towel dispenser
- Smaller towel, more efficient & effective in use
- Simple , modern, attractrive design available in five colours
- Holds 300 towels at full capacity reducing chance of run-out

High Capacity Push Button Soap Dispensers

Soap Dispensers- High Capacity, 800ml cartridge gives 2000 doses of foam soap
- Modern, stylesh design suits any washroom decor
- Simple pump action means the dispenser is easy to use
- Measured portion pump ensures an effective, hygienic hand wash
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High Capacity Automatic Foam Soap DispensersAutomatic Soap dispenser

- Automatic foam soap dispensed by placing hand under sensor
- Total touch-free dispensing reduces risk of cross contamination
- High capacity, 2000 doses reduces chance of run-out
- Sensor reacts to movement
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